Collection Unique

Bas Armagnac


The Collection Unique: a wonderful selection of vintage Armagnacs, from about 30 different estates.

These Armagnacs from these different estates are never blended, out of respect for the individual character their respective terroirs & grape varieties confer upon them.

Neither are the vintages blended, since each year brings its own special characteristic.

No addition of water to reduce the alcohol content of these Armagnacs, the alcohol reduces naturally through evaporation (the famous ‘angels share’).

Aged in the Darroze cellars, the Armagnacs are bottled to order.
THE standard setter in Armagnac.


icon-accentsGRAPE VARIETIES :   Folle Blanche / Baco / Ugni Blanc

icon-accentsELEVAGE:   Barrel

icon-accentsTERROIR:  Tawny sands

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