Le Luxe gascon

In Gascony, from generation to generation, old Armagnacs are conserved and treasured in the family cellars, in Dame-Jeannes (large 30 to 50 litre glass bottles). Wonderful Armagnacs, as rare as they are full of history. Marc Darroze, driven by the values ​​of authenticity and excellence, wished to highlight some of these hidden treasures in this limited series entitled ‘Luxe Gascon’.

Luxury in Gascony is represented by this ability that producers and winegrowers have to keep Armagnacs for decades. Finesse, authenticity, rarity, elegance are all words that characterise these Armagnacs presented in crystal decanters, specially produced to showcase these exceptional products. Each batch is unique (a few bottles only), each decanter is numbered and accompanied by a certificate attesting to the origin and respect of all the stages of ageing, bearing witness to this distinctive form of luxury.

icon-accentsGRAPE VARIETIES :   Folle Blanche / Baco / Ugni Blanc

icon-accentsELEVAGE:   Barrel

icon-accentsTERROIR:  Tawny sands

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